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About Me


Kellster (pronounced "Kell·ster" or "Kell·star") is my self-created internet persona and a clever version of my nickname "Kell". When I created my YouTube channel it was originally named KellsterMakeup for my fondness of makeup. As my interests expanded past just cosmetics it seemed only fitting to minimize my channel title to include more than just makeup.

My interest in beauty and makeup started my freshmen year of college. Like any makeup newbie; I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.  So I went to Google for help, and that's where I found the wonderful world of YouTube. Back then, there was a scarcity of content creators who resembled me in the burgeoning world of beauty. Nevertheless, I felt an overwhelming sense of joy upon discovering these invaluable resources. It was during this time that my passion for cosmetics not only took root but also blossomed into a skill.

The inception of my YouTube channel was initially a creative outlet, but it has since evolved into a platform through which I've branded myself as a content creator and influencer. Today, my content spans a broad spectrum, encompassing makeup tutorials, lifestyle advice, shopping hauls/ unboxings, and guidance on (type 4) natural hair care.

My content is tailored for all women who are in pursuit of beauty and lifestyle content. I take immense pride in being a part of the beauty community, where I can contribute positively to the lives of individuals from black and brown communities of all ages.


 My goal is to use my platform to encourage and inspire my audience. 

"True Beauty is all about being genuine, and a good person" - Kellster

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